You will compose three major projects and regular forum and blog posts for this course. These projects (listed below) will focus on different ways of multimodal composing. For each major project, you will be asked to submit preliminary drafts to be discussed online by the whole class, and/or by me. You should plan to revise these assignments extensively before the due date. There are no rewrites or revisions after work is graded.

Your final grade is calculated on this distribution:

75% Three major projects, along with related drafts and other artifacts. You will work on three projects (listed below) that focus on different modes of expression and go beyond words on a page (or screen) to include audio, video, and images. There are no rewrites or revisions after work is graded.

  1. Project 1: Build a Web Portal for the Course  (HTML/CSS). Worth 15%.
  2. Project 2: Interrogate an Interface (Web Essay with Presentation. Worth 20%.
  3. Project 3: Remix a Story (Digital Narrative with Presentation).  Worth 40%.
15% Participation, forum posts, and blog posts. You will write and create smaller projects each week. These weekly activities include reading responses, text analysis, and reflections, as well as working on your major assignments and exploring digital composing tools. You will also read and provide thoughtful, substantive feedback on your peers’ work.
10% Take-Home Final Exam. You will write a revision plan for one of the projects you have completed. Due by 3:05 PM on Friday, December 12.


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