Final Exam: Revision Plan

Worth 10% of your final grade

Important Date

Officially due by 3:05 PM on Friday, December 12. Unofficially, you can have until 11:55 PM on Monday, December 15.

Fun Facts about the 3844 Final Exam

  • The exam is a take-home, online assignment officially due by the end of your exam period.
  • I will not look at submissions until Tuesday, December 16.

The Assignment

  1. Return to one of the three major projects you worked on this term: your WordPress site, your Interrogate the Interface project, or your Remix project. Choose the version of the project that you submitted for a grade. Note that if you have made design changes to your WordPress blog, go with the current version.
  2. Sketch out a revision plan for the project. See pp. 116-118 of Writer/Designer for details on writing a revision plan.
  3. Write your plan as a page (or pages, if you prefer) on your site.
  4. Turn in a link to your revision plan in Scholar by 11:55 PM on Monday, December 15.

Expectations for the Final

Your goal is to show me that you can apply the ideas we have talked about during the term to improve one of your multimodal projects. I want to look at your revision plan and see clear evidence that you understand what makes a strong multimodal project. I will use these guidelines to assess your revision plan:

Average (C) Work: Your exam answers all of the questions included in the revision plan section of Writer/Designer. It provides simple, basic details on how you would revise the project you have chosen. It sticks to more cursory changes to the project. For example, if you were focusing on your site, a cursory answer would focus on fixing typos and correcting some broken links.

Above-Average (B) Work: Your exam goes beyond simple changes and shows a concerted effort to rethink and improve the original submission. An above-average plan might talk about cutting or completely rewriting a section of the site, redesigning the look and feel of a page, and/or changing the way images are incorporated.

Excellent (A) Work: An excellent exam will talk not only about what changes you would make, but specifically how you would change things. Note that you may include whatever makes sense for your revision plan (e.g., a mock-up, a storyboard, a chart showing a new design or structure). You can even implement some (or all) of the changes and include a link to them in your final. If you do decide to make changes, consider using before and after screen shots to make the changes clear.