No More Boring Presentations

notfridayThis is the post for the October 1, 2014 class meeting.

Today, we’ll sign up for presentation time slots and talk about the expectations for the Project 2 presentations. If you haven’t posted your memes, please get them online!

Presentation Sign-Up

Sign-up for a presentation slot for sharing your tool with the class, using the Sign-Up Tool in Scholar. The slots open at 10:15 AM. Go ahead and log into Scholar and be ready to click sign-up when the form opens.

Qualities of an Awesome Presentation

Hop on over to the Presentation Padlet, and add at least two things that make a slideshow presentation fail (or two things that make it fantastic). Put the negatives on the left and the positives on the right. Try not to duplicate ideas.

Details on the Five-Minute Presentations

Why? The goal of these presentations is to share details about the tool you are analyzing with the class. By the end of the presentations, everyone in class should know enough about all 24 tools to be able to decide whether the tools will would work for other projects we do.

How Long? Five minutes, strictly enforced. Please practice at home to make sure that you fill the time without going over.

How? I encourage you to use a Google Drive Presentation because of its flexibility and accessibility, but you may use other tools if you want. No matter what tool you choose, it has to be available online to everyone in the class. You can embed it or upload it to your WordPress site. Remember to send me the URL to your presentation by midnight the day before you present so that I can set up the presentation links for the session.

What? Review the information in the assignment on the content for the presentation. Also check the information in the Assessment Guidelines. Generally speaking, I expect your slideshow to include the following:

  • A title slide with your name, the name of the tool, and the URL to the tool site.
  • Overview slides that show what the tool is, who would use it, and what it does.
  • Analysis slides that demonstrate the affordances and constraints and that offer general recommendations on using the tool.
  • A concluding slide that pulls your thoughts together.

If you are working toward an A, remember that your presentation needs to use the 1/1/5 organizational strategy (using no more than 15 slides) to present the information to the class. As the linked article explains, “you must have at least one image per slide, you can use each exact image only once, and you should add no more than five words per slide.”

How many? I’m leaving the exact length up to you; however, you may not have more than 15 slides. Plan to spend no more than 20 seconds per slide (15 slides * 20 seconds each = 300 seconds/5 mins) to avoid exceeding your allotted five minutes.

Dressing for Your Presentation

You need to wear clothes for your presentation, but you do not need to wear your job interview clothes. The regular clothes you wear to class are fine. Just use common sense, and avoid anything that may be distracting or somehow undercut your credibility.


F & M, 10/3 & 10/6: You will have time to work on your second project in class. I’ll share some additional resources, and have a quick conference with each of you to answer any questions. Please be sure to check email before class on Monday.

W, 10/8: You’ll exchange Project 2 drafts and complete peer review in class.