More Work on Project 2

This is the post for the October 6, 2014 class meeting.

Important Dates

  • October 8: Draft of P2 due in class for Peer Review
  • October 13, 15, or 17: Presentation Days (no grace period)
  • October 17: P2: Interrogate the Interface web essay due
  • October 24: P2: Interrogate the Interface deadline (end of grace period)

Work? I iz on top of it.Today’s Work

Today, again, you will have most of the class session to work on Project 2. I’ll visit with each one of you to see where you are in the project and answer any questions that I can.

At the end of the session, please write a blog post that talks about the work you have done on Project 2 so far. Use the “What I Did” and “Why I Did It” headings.

Additional Navigation Techniques

Some of you asked about navigation among the pages for your web essay, so I wanted to provide some additional techniques you might use. Check the Project 2 Navigation Options for more details.


W, 10/8: You’ll exchange Project 2 drafts and complete peer review in class.

F, 10/10: Fall Break. I’ll be at the 2014 Maryland Conference on Academic and Professional Writing, so response to your emails may be slow.

M, W, F 10/13–10/17: Presentations in Class. You will write a short blog post for each day, based on the presentations that took place that day. Remember to send me the URL to your presentation by midnight the day before you present so that I can set up the presentation links for the session.