Project 2 Peer Review

This is the post for the October 8, 2014 class meeting.

ruff-draftToday is peer review day for Project 2. You can share whatever drafts you have—your web essay, your presentation, or both.

Important Dates

  • October 8: Draft of P2 due in class for Peer Review
  • October 13, 15, or 17: Presentation Days (no grace period)
  • October 17: P2: Interrogate the Interface web essay due
  • October 24: P2: Interrogate the Interface deadline (end of grace period)

Email Responses October 9–12

Responses to email messages this weekend will be a bit slow, as I will be at the Maryland Conference on Academic and Professional Writing. Do your best to work around any problems that come up. If you are presenting on Monday, be ready to go, no matter what. We can fix any other issues on Monday.

Posting Details on Your Drafts for Project 2

You will post information about your draft in the forums:

  1. Go to the Project 2: Interrogating the Interface board in the forums, and create a topic with your name or your username and the name of your tool (e.g., “Traci’s on”). Use a pseudonym if you like.

  2. Add the link(s) to your your web essay, your presentation, or both at the beginning of the forum post.

  3. Highlight the link(s) you pasted in, and click the URL button to make the link work. (This button will add codes to your post.)

  4. If you have any specific concerns that you want your readers to consider, add a note on that as well.

  5. Be sure to Preview your message to make sure everything shows up the way you want it to, and then Submit your post.

Replying to Project 2 Drafts

Next, you will reply to the posts of some of your classmates:

  1. Read the post and visit the site of at least two of your classmates:

    • Find one post that no other student has replied to (so that we can be sure everyone gets a reply).
    • Find a second post that has only one other student reply.
  2. Add a reply to your classmate’s post, and answer the following questions for the website:

    • Does the essay and/or presentation give an overview of the tool and what it does?
    • Does the essay and/or presentation consider how the tool uses the modes of communication?
    • Does the essay and/or presentation evaluate the tool’s rhetorical situation?
    • Does the essay and/or presentation review the tool’s design choices?
    • Does the essay and/or presentation identify and discuss the tool’s affordances and constraints?
  3. Read the feedback from your classmates and ask follow-up questions if you need more information you can post a reply with questions or find each other in the classroom if you like.

Today’s Blog Post

Create a blog post that talks about the work you have done on your project since we met on Monday. Remember these posts are will help you write your Reflection memo.

For today’s post, I’d like you to use three headings:

  1. What I Did
  2. Why I Did It
  3. What I Still Need to Do

In the third section, I want you to think through your to-do list for the next few days.


F, 10/10: Fall Break. Be safe. Have fun.

M, W, F 10/13–10/17: Presentations in Class. You will write a short blog post for each day, based on the presentations that took place that day. Remember to send me the URL to your presentation by midnight the day before you present so that I can set up the presentation links for the session.

F, 10/17: Web essay and reflection memo due.