Project 3 Presentation Sign-Up

This is the post for the November 17, 2014 class meeting.

sign-up-gogogoIn class today, you can sign up for a presentation time slot and then we will talk about documenting your projects and your presentations, using the post for the 11/12 session.

During the rest of the session, you can work on your projects, and I will come around the classroom to check on your progress.

Presentation Sign-Up

Sign-up for a presentation slot for for Project 3, using the Sign-Up Tool in Scholar. The slots open at 10:15 AM Monday. Go ahead and log into Scholar and be ready to click sign-up when the form opens.

Writing Schedule and Homework

  • Monday, 11/17: Write a blog post on what you’ve done and why you’ve done it for the day. Please include some details on how you will document your sources in your project (that is, what system you will use).

  • Wednesday, 11/19: Bring your book to class. Have a rough cut or rough draft of your project that you can share with two other people in class for feedback. Be prepared to provide a summary of the project’s rhetorical situation, using the questions on pp. 111–112. When you provide feedback on someone else’s project, use the guidelines in the section of the book on “Providing Feedback as a Stakeholder” (pp. 112–115). Your blog post for the 11/19 class should be a draft of your revision plan for the project (see pp. 116–118).

  • Friday, 11/21: Independent, out-of-class work. For your blog post, write the usual what you did and why you did it sections, but include a selfie that shows you working on your project. If you hate selfies, just be creative and choose some alternative evidence. I want to see concrete, visual evidence that you were working on your project even though you were not in the classroom. Get your blog post with a selfie published by 11:55 PM on November 23 for credit for the day’s work.

  • 11/22 to 11/30: Thanksgiving Break. Be safe. Have fun.

  • Monday, 12/1: Discussion of the reflection memo for Project 3. Last day of independent, in-class work. Write a blog post on what you’ve done and why you’ve done it for the day.

  • Wednesday, 12/3 to Wednesday, 12/10: In-class presentations. Link to your presentation due by 11:55 PM the day before you present.

  • Wednesday, 12/10: Reflection Memo and Project 3 links due by 11:55