Day 3 of Project 2 Presentations

This-presentation-will-69941fThis is the post for the October 17, 2014 class meeting.

Today we continue the five-minute presentations for Project 2. Your job during this session is to pay attention, since you may want to use these tools yourself in Project 3.

Important Dates

  • October 20: P2: Interrogate the Interface web essay due
  • October 27: P2: Interrogate the Interface deadline (end of grace period)

Presentations for Today

These are the people and tools scheduled for today’s presentations:

Today’s Blog Post

Your post today is just like Monday’s. After the presentations, choose the tool you saw on Friday (today) that you are most interested in trying out (other than your own if you presented). State what tool it was, why you found it interesting, and how you might use it.


M, 10/20: Web essay and reflection memo due. National Day on Writing activity.